Client Testimonials

Harvey Sackett of Sackett and Associates is the reason our case went from hopelessness to triumph. Mr. Sackett’s unrelenting drive resulted in a win for my son after 10 years!   His case was exceptionally long and difficult.  Mr. Sackett was steadfast in his pursuit for my son’s entitlement of disability benefits.  He was truly remarkable for his ceaseless hard work, dedication to our case, and continual professionalism.  We honestly feel the outcome is nothing short of a miracle, hard to believe, but he made it happen!  We are so very grateful for everything Sackett and Associates has done for us.  A heartfelt thank you to all.

Vicki H - El Granada, CA

I became a client with Sackett & Associates in 2013 and finally in March 2022 I won my SSDI case. I know people will read that and say “omg it took 9 years to win your case?” When I initially contacted this law firm at the age of 29, I already knew that my case was going to be met with resistance and obviously I was right. When Social Security sent me to their doctors for evaluation, I ended up being sent to a doctor who was later fired from what I understood as being dishonest and reporting clients to be able bodied and perfectly fine despite these people, including myself, having proof of medical diagnosis. Because Dr. Chan was fired for his dishonesty and actions a class action lawsuit was later filed against him.   At my first hearing the doctor’s report was requested to be stricken from record and to be not considered, but the Judge from I understood had already read it. I later received a denial after that hearing, but I was reassured that an appeal was going to be filed and my case was going forward. Honestly, I felt my SSDI case was initially botched and I had no hope or faith that I was ever going to receive a favorable decision. However, I can’t thank this law firm and Harvey Sackett himself for all the amazingly hard work he did being my voice and advocate! Despite the time it took and everything that I experienced and went through, I am so grateful that Mr. Sackett never gave up on me and continued to fight for me when I was being denied. He is an incredible Lawyer and anyone should consider themselves lucky to have Mr. Sackett as their attorney! When it came to the times I had to appear in court and I was having anxiety about having to speak for myself and to the judge, prior to going inside I was treated so nicely and with empathy and compassion. When I met Harvey for the first time, he was very professional and made me feel at ease and always maintained a positive attitude and outlook for me personally and my case. He personally helped me prepare myself before going in and being asked questions by the judge. He gave me the courage to stand up for myself and sustain constant positivity about eventually being awarded SSDI benefits. I must not forget about each of the paralegals that were handling my case all this time. I truly appreciated and loved Courtney Garma and Rebecca Coronado! They were truly amazing with addressing any issues, concerns, or questions I had with my case and were very patient with me on those issues I was concerned with. I would 100% recommend this law firm if you are seeking representation for your Social Security Case! Thank you all again for all your hard work and dedication and for representing me and being an outstanding advocate for me! And thank you for not giving up on my case and continuing to fight for me, I am so truly grateful and appreciative to actually feel validated by not only a law firm, but a lawyer who fights hard for you when he believes in you.

Kassie B - Oakley, CA

I was denied twice on my original disability applications and needed assistance to appeal. When reaching out to other firms and without being asked specific questions about my situation, I was turned down for representation and I was beginning to feel hopeless.   I then reached out to Sackett & Associates and was immediately asked a series of questions regarding my situation and within a couple of days I received a call informing me that Mr. Sackett would be representing my case. I am glad I decided to call this office. Every person I’ve spoken to at this office was kind and patient with my all of questions. Thank you Sackett and Associates for winning my case. I definitely recommend Sackett and Associates. Thank you ALL for your assistance and hard work!

Christine O - Salinas, CA

I needed help with a SSDI/SSI case. I used Sackett and Associates of San Francisco. I live in the Sacramento area and they were able to successfully help process and WIN my case. There communication with the courts was excellent.  All my correspondence were through email and phone calls due to covid-19 but they made the communication easy. There was always someone to answer the phone when I had a question, and they would have an answer.  I was very pleased with their professionalism. I recommend Harvey Sackett and Associates to anyone needing a lawyer to help process an SSDI/SSI claim. It’s the only cases they take and they know what there doing! Thank you so much Harvey Sackett and your team for all your assistance and all do for your clients!

Marielen B - Elk Grove, CA

The team is great accessible and easy to work with. It’s a team helping you, not a person. Thank u everyone who helped me because I don’t know where I would be without your help. I have heard of people with bad representation, and I direct to you if still suffering.

Sergio C - Sunnyvale, CA

Making the phone call to Sackett and Associates was the most important and best decision of my adult life. At first I believed that I could pursue the disability process on my own, but I was mistaken. Sackett and Associates saved me from losing my final appeal and rescued my financial future. The office associates are skilled and pleasant people who anticipate your every question; it’s as if they can read your mind and sense your concerns. Mr. Sackett gets to the heart of the matter and provides good advice.  It scares me to imagine what my older age would be like financially if I had not made the call. Don’t waste time, just make the phone call.

Gerald C - Newark, CA

From start to finish the people who make this corporation what it is are AMAZING. The reception and intake personal are astute, efficient, compassionate, and thorough. The paralegal who helped me gather the needed documents was the same, AND she was reachable. It was beyond easy to contact her via email or phone, she never failed to respond. Her attention was thorough and professional and yet compassionate. The coup de grace; Mr. Sackett compiled my pre-hearing packet so thoroughly that the judge approved my disability in FULL upon reviewing it and canceled the upcoming hearing. I have been fighting this fight for 2 years, only to find I would not have had to had I hired this agency first.

Beatrice Y - Sacramento, CA

My first time doing this: My case lasted approx. 2.5 years, so I don’t even recall how I came in contact with Mr. Sackett and his law firm, but I’m very pleased that I did. After a couple setbacks (my health and the initial denial), Mr. Sackett and his office staff have been with me the entire time. He never gave up and he never quit believing in my issues and my case and in the end, he delivered a positive outcome for me and I will be forever grateful. Thankfully I don’t have to go through this process again, but if I can pass on Mr. Sackett’s contact information to a friend or loved one who could use these types of services, I wouldn’t hesitate to provide it.

Christina S - San Francisco, CA

I would like to 1st start with the fact that I am assisting my husband with his SSDI and did not know where to start. I knew there would be paperwork and hoops involved. From the start a lovely Paralegal assisted me and then I worked with Maria. If I can give them 10+ stars I would. … “COMMUNICATION” is key. I do know email works best for myself and we communicated via email and I got all my answers within an hour or less. Can’t go wrong with that, they helped me from beginning to end. Mr Sackett…took a minute to call me and hear where I was coming from and things that I needed to point out. This helped give the case more clarity and things that aren’t always on record in medical reports. He’s a shark and that’s what you need. Down to business and no beating around the bush.  We won our case what a Merry Christmas it was indeed. I got a call from Rebecca 12/30/21 who is the Legal Assistant and she is just phenomenal. Explained so many things that we needed to know moving forward. She is going to help us phase out of the process until we receive our payments. It is very difficult when people don’t understand the process and I am so grateful for everyone at Sackett and Associates. From the start they did not waste my time and let me know they will not take your case if they don’t feel you have a solid case. That is key instead of finding out down the road they were upfront about it all. Thank You so much Sackett and Associates you are just AMAZING!!!!  10+ stars in my book!!!!!!!  I would recommend them to anyone who ask.

Balinda M - Milpitas, CA

I cannot thank Mr. Sackett enough and I am so appreciative for helping me get my SSA disability benefits. Mr. Sackett has fought for me from the very beginning in 2016 when his excellent and compassionate staff and himself started my application process. Mr. Sackett and I went to an ALJ in 2018 , she turned me down . Mr. Sackett did not give up encouraging me to let him continue fighting, he filled one more appeal with SSA and they turned me down again . Mr. Sackett then sued SSA in the U.S. District Court and won , I got a new hearing ! This morning an ALJ found me Disabled from the date when my health forced me to stop working. Mr. Sackett is not only an extremely skilled attorney; he is also very caring of his clients and will fo whatever is needed to fight in their behalf. I learned today when the ALJ said he would find me disabled that sometimes people are not found disabled tight away , it may take a number of appeals and having Mr. Sackett on my side all along made this happen . Based on how Mr. Sackett represented me, anyone who is thinking about trying to get disability from SSA I highly recommend should only consider asking Mr. Sackett to represent them !

Ruben A - Los Angeles, CA

I highly recommend Sackett Associates to anyone who needs an SSD law firm to help win their social security disability benefits case. Like many claimants, when I found myself unable to work my old job (for the past twenty plus years in my case) due to my health, I felt frightened, sad, depressed, and lost. A google search led me to Sackett and Associates. I can truly say it was divine intervention. Mr. Sackett and his paralegals – Maria and Alicia, along with the other office workers like Lisa, are all beyond wonderful. They brought hope to my life from the very first phone call, and they exhibited deep commitment, dedication, and professionalism throughout the process. They valued every bit of my time-each conversation they had with me and each document they requested from me was necessary and useful. Every piece of evidence presented to the ALJ and every question asked by Mr. Sackett during the hearing was effective and well-researched. After waiting nearly a year and a half for the hearing (yes you do have to wait for about two years most of the time), I had a fully favorable decision by ALJ one month from the hearing date! This wasn’t luck, rather, it was the result of the firm’s preparedness, experience, and detailed work behind the scenes. Each claimant’s situation is different, also as claimants we must do our part to get all the necessary medical treatments and fill out the paperwork the best we can. But beyond that, you owe it to yourself to hire Mr. Sackett, a compassionate and experienced advocate for disabled people. He alongside with his excellent team will fight on your behalf in the court.  And, like me, you will be so glad you did!

Nelly C - San Francisco, CA

My disabilities started when I had a mastectomy and 9 lymph nodes taken out Jan 29, 2015 for Stage 2 Breast Cancer.  Soon to follow was 5 months of Chemotherapy 2 types, one being the most poisonous & effective Chemotherapy…”The Red Devil” on round 3 gave me Peripheral Neuropathy that my Oncologist said “You’ll have for life”.  Debilitating pain in my hands & feet causing the inability to stand & use my hands without severe pain.  Hearing loss, brain functioning issues & rest of body sufferers silently.  Next came 29 days of Radiation that brought it’s own disabilities. Extreme fatigue, throat and vocal problems, more problems with my lymphedema arm where I have constant numbness and surgery area freezes up cramping to the point of tears. Unable to use my left arm and hand properly.  Knowing my pain, fatigue & limitations I knew working again would be almost impossible so I filed for Social Security Disability.  All of 2016 & part of 2017 filing & appealing two rounds both denied .  Needing an income I tried going back to work part time but even the shortest shift would put me down for days. My body suffered and I became more depressed.  Many said “you need a lawyer, file again”. So this is when I read reviews and called Sackett and associates who called me back getting the ball rolling again.  From day one I explained the need to “repeat” information and that I suffered mentally Alicia assured me she would explain processes and Sackett would go the lengths needed to help me get my disability.  Two more years filing, appealing and finally a hearing data!. My case wasn’t an easy one being a Kaiser patient made it difficult to get specific limitation documentation although my records are over 1,000. pages.  The court hearing would be a phone conference due to Covid-19 restrictions. Here we were Judge, Court Reporter, Assigned Doctor, Mr. Sackett and Myself.  Very few questions directed to me the Judge, Mr. Sackett & Doctor went back and forth.  The Doctor never meeting me avoided key limitations and disabilities that Mr Sackett noted several times. Respectively and tenaciously he challenged the Doctor’s notations bringing the Judge up to speed with the realities of my case. We WON ..and the Judge was happy to tell me that he was awarding my disability ..yes I cried with a release of relief.  Mr. Sackett all I can say is You Rock! Thank you for taking my case, Alicia & Maria for their patience, work and direction, for fighting for my oh so needed disability long overdue.  Defeat is debilitating and added to a disabled body from Cancer is depressing.  My tunnel now has light thanks to the work of Sackett and associates.   ‍‍‍‍ This review will pave a road that many might go down and ultimately will lead other Cancer patients to Sackett and associates for the right direction

Kirsten H - Campbell, CA

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